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My Story

You won't find CEO energy here. 

This one is not for the "boss babes" and "girl bosses." I used to be that. I used to have the CEO energy. I was a nurse with big plans to save lives. I was going to climb the professional ladder. Each accomplishment in my career gave me a transient burst of pride and happiness. For 8 years I chased the CEO energy, until the tables were turned and I became the patient.


Shortly after my pregnancy with my second child, I was diagnosed with a life-altering heart condition. I went from a healthy, 29 year old mother, to someone fighting for their life and wondering if her kids would have to grow up without her. I am grateful to be able to say I now have a healthy outlook for my future. But this was an earth-shattering turning point for me. Just as quickly as my life changed, I abandoned the CEO energy, forever.


Upon receiving my diagnosis and having to be out of work for 4 months, I was hit with a harsh reality, I was replaceable in my career. I was told outright, that if I could not return to work soon, that my position would be filled with no regard as to what that meant for me and my family. It was then that I realized that my career would never be able to give me the fulfillment I was searching for. It was then that I realized that my career would also never value me like my family does.


With this realization, I shifted my focus to finding self-fulfillment in the things that really matter- family and health. With these, came an innate desire to create a simple life, and to find peace in the mundane home.


My name is Kayleigh, and this blog is my journey transitioning from girl boss to homemaker, and Simply, Nutmeg.

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